May 2, 2007

NOMAC Profile: Clarence Mobley

Clarence Mobley became a member of NOMA in the mid 1980’s. He was introduced to NOMA while he worked for Louis Fry, Jr. who knew Leroy Campbell, one of the founders of NOMA.

Clarence has served NOMA as Secretary for the board twice and Vice President for the East Region twice. He helped establish the Cornell University Student Chapter of NOMA. He has been appointed Parliamentarian twice, served as Vice Chair for the Membership Committee and has been a NOMA official photographer for many years.

During his youth, Clarence was a Cub Scout and later became a Boy Scout and Star Scout. As a Boy Scout he won First Prize in a citywide art contest and was awarded a one year scholarship at the renowned Fletcher’s Art School in Washington, DC. He became a newspaper carrier and won the Business Training Certificate for excellent achievement in salesmanship. At 19, he gave his heart to the Lord and became a Christian.

After becoming President of his class in the 7th & 9th grades and Vice President in the 12th grade, Clarence attended Howard University to earn both B. Arch. & M. Arch. Degrees.
He is now a registered and licensed architect in DC, MD, VA, NC, SC, and GA. His military service includes an Honorable Discharge as a Vietnam Veteran.

Clarence has practiced architecture 2 years with the Department of Navy, Department of Public Works and 18 years with the DC Government Department of Housing. He has 19 years of private sector general practice. He carries NOMAC, AIA, and CSI professional designations.

Mr. Mobley has received many awards from his religious, social, civic, professional work. He has invested in the future of our youth by serving as a high school and Jr. high school teacher as well as a guest speaker on college campuses.

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