May 10, 2007

Top Ten Reasons For NOMA


NOMA is the only organization of its kind. It focuses on minority architect’s needs like no other organization does. It has a great mission and very honorable goals. It is the top recognized entity for minority architects. It’s national when it needs to be. It’s local when it needs to be. It’s on a roll. It's here to stay. It’s here to grow. It’s here for you. A smart, inexpensive, worthwhile investment in the profession and your role in it.

NOMA is synonymous with unity. And unity is the one thing that we always will be in control of. We have no one to answer to for our own unity. We need no one’s permission. If we desire we can have unity. It is the only guarantee we have. We have to be smart enough and humble enough to use it to its fullest. That is why NOMA exists. For unity.

NOMA is your voice amplifier. One voice alone can and usually will be ignored. Your voice amplified through NOMA will be heard.

NOMA is a vehicle for empowerment. The messenger to carry unified legislative requests. The army to fight discrimination. A threat to those who have or seek to abuse, mistreat, or overlook us as qualified professionals. And it is reputable enough to join with a federation of allied organizations to multiply the empowerment.

NOMA is the buffer between our businesses’ passionate concerns and any risks involved with expressing them personally or individually.

NOMA is the broadcast network for our designs and projects. Our marketing vehicle. It gets us published, broadcasted, exhibited, seen and heard.

NOMA is a two-way information network. A news network. A resource for obtaining project opportunities. A resource for employment referrals. A resource for state-of-the-art technical, material and method information.

NOMA uncovers, documents and preserves our history, our legacy, and the successors of our legacy.

NOMA is well-rounded. It covers business, social, informational, artistic, technological, educational, marketing, networking, charitable, historical, legislative, and community development issues.

NOMA is FUBU. (For-Us-By-Us)

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